Team Beastie



A journey of inclusion, endurance and resilience across South Africa

What is 7in7?

Team Beastie is running 7 Comrades ultra-marathon distances (87km) in 7days. This adaptive, assisted wheelchair team will run 6 circuits of 87km incentres between Johannesburg and Pietermaritzburg. The Challenge starts on 5 June and finishes with the team running the Comrades on 11 June 2023.

We’re raising funds in support of inclusive education and adaptive road running. Through the 7in7 Challenge, we are advocating for inclusion, quality, and respect for disabled children in South Africa.

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Fundraising Goals

10 New Custom-Made Joggers

GOAL: R500 000 to build 10 joggers,enabling 10 more adaptive teams toget out on the road, proving that running is for all of us.

Chaeli Sports & Recreation Club supports and advocates for inclusive sports opportunities. for more info
NPO 078-277

Chaeli Cottage Preschool

GOAL: R500 000 to support running costs for one year.
Chaeli Cottage Preschool provides an inclusive learning experience for disabled & non-disabled preschoolers to learn together and from one another. Every child has the right to an education. for more info
NPO 037-338

Meet the Team

Team Beastie is all about adventure and breaking perceived barriers.

We are all so different and our unique experiences bring
something special to the team.


Chaeli has always embraced being active. She has taken on many endurance challenges over the years as an adaptive athlete. From climbing Kilimanjaro, to running multiple Comrades Marathons, she’s game for it all!


Mark has made a habit of doing impossible things. He joined TeamBeastie in 2018 and is an incredible athlete, having done multipleComrades Marathons, Unogwaja and Ironman. Mark is determined toalways beat the odds – if you tell him it’s not possible, he’s doing it!


Ivo is the newest member of Team Beastie. He has worked with Markfor a decade, hearing about his ‘impossible’ adventures and decidedit’s time to join one! Ivo will be using his skills managing all teamlogistics, making sure everyone is safe, happy and we get the job done.


Mon 5 June:

Day 1 > Bfn > Pentagon Pistols Running Club/St Andrew’s School

Tue 6 June:

Day 2 > Bfn > St Andrew’s School

Wed 7 June:

Day 3 > Bfn > St Andrew’s School

Thu 8 June:

Day 4 > Bethlehem > Maluti Multisport Atletics Club

Fri 9 June:

Day 5 > Botha’s Hill > Kearsney College

Sat 10 June:

Day 6 > Botha’s Hill > Kearsney College

Sun 11 June:

Day 7 > Comrades Marathon Down Run

Get Involved

Teamwork makes the dream work. Please help us raise R1 million!

The Chaeli Sports & Recreation Club
First National Bank
Plumstead (201109)
Account No: 6228 0277 437


All donations have impact.

Click here to support our fundraising goals or see bank details above.
18A Tax Certificates can be issued for all donations.


Support an aspect of the challenge and sponsor the logistics, transport & travel, accommodation, sustenance.

Get in touch with your ideas!


You are most welcome to join us along the route.

We have a long way to go, so any and all support and encouragement will be greatly appreciated!


Share our story!

We need as many people to see it as possible, to get excited about what we’re doing, and be motivated to donate, helping us reach our goal of R1 million.



“It always seems impossible until it is done”

Nelson Mandela