My Message

My Message By Kudzai Marozwa I use an EyeGaze and special software to ‘write’ with my eyes and then my computer ‘speaks’ my words. I waited 15 years before the world was able to hear my voice … Transcript of Video: My name is Kudzai. I am sixteen years old. I do Ballroom Dancing at […]

Joining Team Beastie

Joining Team Beastie By Chantal Fisher I embraced the change when I was given the opportunity to be a support runner. “So often we fall behind, become despondent or fail at success out of fear for change. A change that might have been our ‘friend’, change that might have been our ‘savior’, change that might […]

Kudzai Marozwa’s New Beginnings

Kudzai Marozwa’s New Beginnings The New Beginnings of a Silenced Soul: Nonverbal, but Alive Inside By Kirsten Steenkamp 16 April is an unusual celebration, it is World Day of Voice. Before you read on, try to reflect on the last time you were grateful for your voice. Have you ever, honestly, thought about its enormous […]