Ride 4 Inclusion

On 06 March 2016 the Cape Town Cycle Tour will commence for the 38th year running. 35 000 cyclists will line up on Hertzog Boulevard to participate in the world’s largest timed cycling event and we would like YOU to join us in creating epic memories by facing a great challenge AND cycling for a cause.

IMG_0525General entries for the Cycle Tour have closed, however, The Chaeli Campaign has 110 guaranteed entries in our charity bond. By wearing our colours of hope and participating as one of our Chaeli Riders 2016, cyclists will not only be living out their dream by attempting a world renowned sporting challenge, the Chaeli Riders will be helping to raise funds for the Chaeli Cottage Pre-school, which accepts both able-bodied AND differently-abled children in the spirit of one of our organisation’s core principles: inclusion.

We now invite you to share our vision and ride for inclusion as a Chaeli Rider in either the pre-tour Mountain Bike Challenge(27-28 February) or the Cycle Tour itself. Feel free to ask family, friends and colleagues to sponsor your time in the saddle, knowing that your contribution will make a huge difference.

Contact shelly@chaelicampaign.co.za for more information or any queries that you may have. If you would like to sign up as a Chaeli Rider please download and complete this form and fax or email it back to shelly@chaelicampaign.co.za at your earliest convenience. As soon as we receive this we’ll send you a personalised sponsorship form. Thank you, in anticipation, for supporting the work that we do through The Chaeli Campaign.

A Look Back at 2015’s Cycle Tour

The Chaeli Riders: Buggy Teams

Becoming a Chaeli Rider isn’t just about raising funds, nor is it about entering a challenging cycling event. In 2013, in the spirit of an unwavering principle of inclusion, The Chaeli Campaign had the opportunity to enter young buggy riders as members of Chaeli Rider buggy teams. Although initially met with acute resistance, the ambitions of key player, Deirdre Gower – who is now a member of the ‘Team Gower’ buggy team – then lead to a movement pushing for the inclusion and integration of persons with disabilities.

This was finally achieved as a result of advocacy against what had become accepted as the norm: the undue exclusion and added marginalization of a recognised minority group from what is advertised as a sporting event open to the public. On 10 March 2013, Chaeli Rider buggy teams, ‘Gower’ and ‘Beastie’ were amongst the first of their kind and pioneers at the forefront in the fight against exclusion.

Each buggy team of three comprises of a buggy rider, a cyclist pulling the buggy and a support rider. See below for the 2016 Chaeli Rider Buggy Teams.

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