Dancing is Fun!

Dancing is fun By Wendy Hopkins Wendy and Damian chat around a braai fire … When the C.S.R.C started the dancing school in 2011 I joined up with them at the Bergvliet Sports Association. I have met new friends from dancing one was Damian that I will never forget( gone but never forgotten). I always […]

Anita Engelbrecht and inclusion in the Comrades

Inclusion in the Comrades By Kirsten Steenkamp June 2021 Known as the Ultimate Human Race, the gruelling Comrades Marathon has taken place every year since 1921, taking its only break during World War 2. Now, as the Covid-19 pandemic causes disruption of the in-person race for the second year in a row, The Chaeli Campaign […]

Finding Joy in Dance

Finding Joy in Dance By Joshua Preyser It all started when I got involved with Ballroom and Latin American dancing in 2009 through The Chaeli Campaign thanks to my good friend, Chaeli Mycroft and her mom, Zelda. In fact, my first ever taste of Ballroom dancing was a bit earlier than that. When I was […]

My Message

My Message By Kudzai Marozwa I use an EyeGaze and special software to ‘write’ with my eyes and then my computer ‘speaks’ my words. I waited 15 years before the world was able to hear my voice … Transcript of Video: My name is Kudzai. I am sixteen years old. I do Ballroom Dancing at […]

Joining Team Beastie

Joining Team Beastie By Chantal Fisher I embraced the change when I was given the opportunity to be a support runner. “So often we fall behind, become despondent or fail at success out of fear for change. A change that might have been our ‘friend’, change that might have been our ‘savior’, change that might […]

Kudzai Marozwa’s New Beginnings

Kudzai Marozwa’s New Beginnings The New Beginnings of a Silenced Soul: Nonverbal, but Alive Inside By Kirsten Steenkamp 16 April is an unusual celebration, it is World Day of Voice. Before you read on, try to reflect on the last time you were grateful for your voice. Have you ever, honestly, thought about its enormous […]

Kudzai’s Sporting Adventures

Kudzai’s Sporting Adventures KUDZAI’S SPORTING ADVENTURES By Joe Marozwa (Kudzai’s Dad) Kudzai is a 16-year-old boy with cerebral palsy. He is an energetic boy who is always happy and adventurous. Kudzai loves soccer and dancing. He is a strong-willed and positive boy who refuses to let his disability dictate what he can and cannot do. […]

Damian Michaels’ Story

Damian Michaels’ Story Cherishing Joy: Powerful Lessons from a Life Lost Too Soon Kirsten Steenkamp March 2021 How frequently do you take time out to celebrate your happiness? When you are surrounded by someone whose joy is contagious, do you find yourself enjoying your life more deeply? 20 March is the United Nations observance of […]

Mpumelelo Mhlongo on embracing diversity

Mpumelelo Mhlongo on embracing diversity The Driving Ideology Behind an Ordinary World Champion Kirsten Steenkamp December 2020 “Are you judged by people?” I ask Mpumi bluntly. “Possibly. Aren’t we all?” The lens with which we view the world colours the perceptions of our experiences. These perceptions filter down to the very way we think about, […]

CSRC Making History with Inclusive Sports

CSRC Making History with Inclusive Sports CSRC Making History with Inclusive Sports Kirsten Steenkamp March 2021 On 12 February the Chaeli Sports and Recreation Club commemorated it’s 11th birthday! Though the Covid-19 pandemic severely restricted sports activities this past year, our adaptive athletes are gearing up for a more active 2021! Join us in honouring […]