about us


To promote and provide sports and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities in an inclusive social and sporting environment.

How It All Started

The Chaeli Campaign was founded in 2004 by Chaeli Mycroft, her sister (Erin) and family friends, the Terry sisters (Tarryn, Justine and Chelsea) because of Chaeli’s need for a motorised wheelchair. After raising R20 000 in 7 weeks it was decided that The Chaeli Campaign should be formalised as a NPO and continue to help other children with disabilities throughout South Africa.

Adults joined forces with the original founders to manage the business side of the organisation, and the original founders were entrenched as the Founding Committee. All five founders now serve as bona fide members of the Management Committee.

On 12 February 2010 the Chaeli Sports & Recreation Club was born out of the Sports and Recreation Advocacy programme run by The Chaeli Campaign.

The Chaeli Sports & Recreation Club invites people with disabilities and nondisabled people to apply for membership. The Chaeli Sports & Recreation Club was established and registered as a result of The Chaeli Campaign identifying a need in the community for inclusive sporting and social activities, allowing both disabled and able-bodied participants to compete.

  • The Objectives of The Chaeli Sports & Recreation Club are to:
  • promote sport and recreation for people with disabilities;
  • facilitate opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in varioussports codes for the disabled;
  • advocate for greater awareness of sport and recreational opportunities for people with disabilities within an inclusive environment;
  • use its facilities and resources to assist the disabled community in any way it sees fit ;
  • work in collaboration with other organisations for the advancement of sport and recreational activities for the disabled community;
  • provide an inclusive environment in which disabled and able-bodiedparticipants are given an opportunity to participate in competitive and social sporting codes.

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